Who is Ilana?

Ilana was born in Israël and had her own boutique in the center of Tel Aviv for years. In 2000 she came to the Netherlands with her Dutch husband and their two daughters.   She opened her own business again in April 2005, this time in the heart of the Jordaan, the Amsterdam neighbourhood that is known for its nice shops and galleries.

In 2016 Ilana closed her store in the Jordaan and launched a new webshop: www.ilanadesign.com. Now she makes her clothes in her studio at HJE Wenckebachweg 144-148. She finds it fantastic to work on commission for special and unique designs.

Ilana designs all her collections herself. That is why she is always in search for special fabrics to maintain uniqueness and exclusivity. Beautiful fabrics are her source of inspiration just like her beautiful hometown of Amsterdam.

Her energy and passion for fashion can be seen in everything Ilana makes. Constantly working on the development of new and original designs.

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